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Monday, October 30, 2006

First N Only Weekend In the Philz

Hi all! It is now Sunday 29th Oct - 10pm so it would be 12pm in Oz. Before I explain the day, let me go over the past few days since I've last blogged.

Friday 27th Oct

- Went to Green Hills!! (place with loads of cheap stuff)
- Ate lunch at Pizza hut with my cousin. It was pretty cool coz they serve u like royalty or something, you order and they bring your pizza to you as well as actually putting your first slice on your plate for you lol.
- Shopped and shopped.. it was soo tiring and soo sickening lol (I cant stand shopping that much) But I got a lot of 'gucci' bags and 'louis vuitton' wallets etc lol
- Got home and watched scary movies most of the night, with my cuzns bf

Saturday 28th Oct

- Obi left at like 930ish for work so after that, we got ready to go out again.
- My Mama Pinky (aunt) came at around 1pm and dropped off my cuzn Mariel so we could all go shopping together.
- When they finally arrived, I took my girls out to Glorietta (mall) and we went to Timezone and played some games and took sticker photos.
- Late arvo, we met up with my aunt again and watched a movie... Mariel n Mama P watched the 9/11 story, while Ate V, Prestin n myself watched the Prestige - not too bad, but it's one of those ones where you strain your brain lol.

Sunday 29th Oct

Nei Nei's bday!!

- Mama P n Mariel stayed in the condo with us
- Picked up Lolo Willy in Guadalupe (my great uncle)
- Went to international airport to pick up HANNAH WOOOO!! I have a friend who works at the airport, so we asked him to go find her and bring her out so she can spot us straight away... and success ^_^
- We went to the resort where Nei Nei was having his party. It was fun :) we had to help my uncle organize the kids for all the games... lol tell ya, no matter where you are, kids will always be lil shits lol but they were so cute.
- While eating, unx played the presentation I made for Nei Nei - I think the ppl enjoyed it.
- Atz, Hanz and I also went swimming but I couldn't swim properly coz I'm not allowed to wet my hair yet lol
- Here we r now, at Tita Leila's house again - singing karaoke. Pretty sleepy tho, but there are still ppl in the room we're gonna sleep in lol so now I will go join them all haha later all mwa


  • At 10:45 PM, October 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    lol u crazy girls... wow.. can so imagine u guys living it up overseas anyhoo... (u and hannah i mean)... have a great one!! :D XXOO Love Vendy


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